Tournaments at Online Casinos: 101 Guide

Tournaments have long become an organic part of Australian e-gambling. A tournament is a competition where your goal is to best other gamblers and collect the most points (or score the biggest win). If approached in the right way, online casino tournaments can be a lot of fun. Keep your eyes peeled for tournament updates on the website of your favorite Australian casino. Let’s have a quick overview of how tournaments work and they might be a gulp of fresh air for you!

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About online casino tournaments

When hearing about online casino tournaments, most gamblers instantly think about slots or poker. This is due to the fact that these two games tend to attract the biggest number of casino adicionados who would like to take part in a competitive gambling event. However, modern online casinos actually hold tournaments in a variety of exciting gambling games, such as:

  • slots;
  • poker;
  • video poker;
  • blackjack;
  • roulette;
  • and others.

Whether you gravitate towards games of chance or skill-based games, you should easily find a tournament for yourself! By the way, some of the most popular casino tournaments among Aussie players include:

  1. Tournament Daily Rush Race;
  2. Swintt’s Midweek Cash Splash Tournament;
  3. Swintt’s Weekend Cash Splash Tournament.

Casino tournaments: Pros

Taking part in a tournament comes with a bunch of benefits for a player. Let’s see why you should consider enrolling into a tournament with your favorite Aussie casino!

tournaments at online casinos

  • Tournaments give you a great opportunity to win a big amount of money with minimum risk to your bankroll. There’s plenty of tournaments with a small entry fee hovering around 2-3 dollars. Moreover, some tournaments are absolutely free (they’re called “freerolls”). At the same time, casino tournaments have hefty prize pools that can reach thousands of dollars, depending on the event. This way, by spending just a couple of bucks, you buy yourself a chance to land a decent win and grow your bankroll.
  • Money is not the only factor that motivates casino fans to enroll into tournaments. Online casino tournaments allow you to nurture your competitive spirit. Gambling all by yourself can become dull. This is the truth known to every online gambler who spends hours playing slot machines or poker on their PC or smartphone. If, for some reason, you can’t play live games or go to a land-based casino, you may feel stuck. Online tournaments re-integrate you into the gambling community by adding a competitive edge to your gambling experience. Now you’re not simply making bet after bet but trying to achieve the best result and beat other players vying for the same prize. It’s a surefire way to spice up your experience and rekindle your gambling passion.
  • Online casino tournaments allow you to hone your gambling skills and start feeling more confident about yourself. Taking part in various tournaments helps you gain a better familiarity with the game, learn your gambling habits, test strategies, etc. Mostly, it’s true for casino games that require skills and strategic thinking, such as poker and blackjack. As for luck-based games (slots, roulette. etc.), experienced tournament participants tend to demonstrate better discipline and sharper intuition.
  • Finally, casino tournaments give you a unique chance to feel a part of a larger gambling community. After all, an event like this brings together people who share a passion for the same gambling game, whether it’s slots, roulette or blackjack. Although these people are basically your opponents, you can’t fight a rewarding feeling of being included into a circle of same-minded people.

How tournaments work

Regardless of the game, all casino tournaments follow one and the same procedure, with minor differences and nuances. Let’s follow it up from start to finish!

  • You need to enroll into the tournament in advance. Online casinos promote upcoming tournaments on their website or even include relevant information (date, buy-in amount, and other terms) into newsletters. If the tournament isn't free, you'll have to pay an entry fee. An entry fee is called a “buy-in.” Buy-ins vary from as little as a couple of dollars to thousands of dollars. The total of buy-ins makes up a prize pool.
  • The essence of a tournament is simple. You’ll be given a limited amount of time and a limited number of credits (coins) to play a specific game. Your goal is to make the most of the time allotted to you and score the best result, beating other players. During a tournament, you’ll have access to a leaderboard that shows the current positions of all participants. The leaderboard is updated in real time. It’s a great way to track your progress.
  • Once the time is up, the results pop up on the screen. The player with the highest score wins the tournament. Depending on the tournament rules, the winner may take the whole prize pool, or the prize pool may be split up among top-ranked players. It's not uncommon that the prize pool is divided among gamblers with the best 3 to 5 scores. In some cases, however, the first 20 or even 50 players can get a piece of the loot each! To avoid disappointment and get a better chance to lay your hands on a chunk of the money, be sure to find out beforehand how many best-ranked participants are eligible for the prize.


Many up-and-coming online casinos organize free tournaments as a way to attract more players, gain recognition, and cultivate loyalty. In fact, many of such freerolls are held exclusively among newly registered players. Upon signing up with the casino, you get an invite to take part in a free tournament. Who would say no? Don’t get your hopes too high, though. Most of the time, freerolls can’t boast lavish prize pools. If you’re lucky to win a freeroll tournament, your reward probably won’t exceed 100 dollars. Still, it’s a nice addition to your bankroll considering that you didn't spend a cent out of your own pocket!

VIP tournaments

It’s a common practice among casinos to organize tournaments among its VIP players. Tournament tickets make a part of the casino’s VIP program, along with fat cash bonuses and other perks. If you’re a long-standing client who spends lots of money on the casino site, you’re sure to get an invite to an exclusive tournament with a mind-blowing prize pool.

How to win online tournaments

If, after reading this review, you’re curious to try your hand at tournaments, you might want to start off with the tips below.

  • When it comes to slot tournaments, it’s not uncommon that online casinos reveal the name of the slot machine assigned for the competition. Take all the time you have to prepare yourself for the tournament by getting familiar with the slot game. Your goal is to scrutinize its interface, controls, extra features, etc. This knowledge will come in quite handy during the competition, allowing you to concentrate on the game and make more bets. During the tournament, try playing the High Stakes Blackjack game. Speed and stamina are your best friends in this situation!
  • As for poker or other card game tournaments, they require a whole different set of traits and qualities, such as polished gambling skills and well-trained analytical abilities. With that said, poker tournaments are not to be taken lightly. It can help a lot to color-code your opponents to determine their player type, gaming habits, personality, etc. This information will give you an upper hand, especially if you happen to compete against one and the same person on multiple occasions.
  • Don’t get too focused on the leaderboard. While providing you with valuable information on your current position, a leaderboard may be distracting you from the game. Also, it’s your emotional response that counts. If you see that you’re doing well, you risk starting to celebrate the victory way too early, thus undermining your discipline. At the same time, a poor current result may discourage you from trying harder and doubling your efforts. In this way, a leaderboard can be both a blessing and a curse.