Online Scamming: Reach Effect - Internet Marketing Scammer

Scamming is one of the most widespread illegal activities in the online environment, whose individuals are hard to trace and bring to justice. Apart from online casino scams, there are also online marketing scammers. But if the first is easy to check, the second, you can study almost nothing about them. And we, who write about online scams a lot, have stumbled upon such scammers ourselves. I will briefly introduce you to how it started.

Our site,, helps people find a suitable casino for fun and possible additional earnings. We also help to signal scammers and cheaters in the online gambling niche. Our site began to grow, and the team expanded with new editors and people from major gaming companies like Wazdan. In other words, it was time for TopOnlineCasinoAustralia to develop, and we decided to take advantage of online marketing - the Reach Effect service.

ReachEffect's leading service - Scam!

Everything started well. At one of the exhibitions devoted to gambling, the representative of ReachEffect came to us - Ziv Noy (his contact in Skype - mr-arnav, we placed it here so that no one else is caught on this scam! In fact, at the time of this writing there was not a single review on the Internet about Reach Effect). Ziv Noy offered online marketing services in online gambling, gave his business card, and promised a mountain of gold in the case of cooperation.

After our arrival, we decided to work with Reach Effect and paid them $2000 to start a campaign. In the end - after a month of no results, Reach Effect representatives deny everything and do not want to refund the money - a typical scam. Surprisingly, they spend money on exhibitions and are quick to show their face and contacts physically! That is what made us trust and exposed to ReachEffect’s scam. 

Final Word

Refrain from trusting unknown companies even if you have met their representatives. And yes, for others to not get caught in this scam, here are Skype contacts of other representatives of the scam company - ReachEffect:





Company Links: 

Always check skype and other contacts of companies and their employees on Google! This way, you can avoid scams and keep your money!