How Online Casinos Took Over Gambling Scene

For decades, gambling has been taking place at land-based venues. If a person was feeling in the mood to make a couple of bets, they headed to the nearest brick-and-mortar casino. However, casinos were not the only places where one could test their luck by playing exciting gambling games. Back in the day - especially in the United States - many bars, coffee shops, and low-key restaurants had slot machines nicknamed “one-armed bandits.” Yes, slots used to be an organic part of a great deal of public venues - something which is very hard to imagine today!

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Time never stands still, and new technologies are changing the world we live in beyond recognition. Things that we thought would be with us forever are substituted by new inventions. This is exactly what happened to land-based gambling venues. In the 90s and early 2000s, the Internet was experiencing an unprecedented growth. Shops, magazines, insurance companies and other businesses were transitioning online. It was only a matter of time before the first gambling sites started to pop up on the world wide web like flowers in springtime.

But let's be realistic: most people shy away from all things new. Australian gamblers who were used to playing at land-based casinos didn’t take online casinos seriously at first and continued to visit brick-and-mortar venues as they used to for years. It’s hard to wrap your head around this but some 20-25 years ago, the Internet was a thing of geeks and nerds, and pioneer online casinos were having a hard time attracting new players because a tremendous part of gambling audience was still sticking to old school gambling.

However, it didn't take long for casino fans to realize that the Internet came here to stay and that the Internet had a bevy of gambling opportunities to offer. The world wide web was packed with gambling sites that offered a stunning variety of games and delivered excellent customer service. Suddenly it turned out that casinos could exist - and exist successfully! - in the online environment as well. But more importantly, players discovered that online casinos actually surpassed their land-based competitors in many ways! Let’s see what made old-fashioned punters change their minds about online casinos and how the latter managed to showcase their true worth.

No need to go anywhere

The most obvious advantage flashed by online casinos is that they give a player the luxury of staying at home. No need to get dressed, leave your cozy sofa, and drive to a casino. (That is, if you’re lucky enough to have one in your neighborhood!) And what about the times when it’s raining and the wind is so wild that you can hardly stand on your feet? After all, not all of us are lucky to live in California that enjoys 280 sunny days per year!

While the nearest gambling hall is usually kilometers away, an online casino is right there, on your computer or smartphone. Type in the URL of your favorite casino site and there you have it! Instead of wasting time on driving to and from a land-based venue, you can spend these precious hours playing games online and sipping a glass of wine. That’s what they call time-efficiency.

Play every casino game imaginable

Okay, so you don’t have to leave your sweet home every time you feel like making a bet or two. But what about the actual gambling process? Are online casinos capable of satisfying the needs of casino fans, especially veterans that are notoriously hard to please? Well, yes! In terms of the selection of premium-class gambling games, online casinos are better than any offline venue that you can think of.

No land-based casino in the world can accommodate even a small part of casino games that you can find on an average igaming site. Since an online casino game is essentially a piece of software stored on a remote server, a gambling site can furnish players with an infinite choice of games, from energetic slots, to heart-stopping roulette, to never-dying blackjack. Each game is presented in numerous versions, allowing you to choose the igaming product whose theme, gameplay, rules, etc. reflect your long-term preferences or your current mood. With entertaining games spilling out of cornucopia, online casinos have a jaw-dropping variety of high-quality igaming content to satisfy your every whim.

Make easy deposits & cashouts

The pros of online casinos don’t end here! Now it’s time to talk about winnings. At land-based casinos, you get your winnings at the checkout in the form of cash or check. However, online casinos beat traditional gambling venues even in this department! Gambling sites support a vast lineup of payment methods from all major payment vendors.

If you’re more of an old-school gambler soul, you’ll probably be using a bank transfer or your Visa/Mastercard. However, these are not the only banking options punters can choose from. Australian online casinos also support a frightening variety of electronic payment methods, such as Webmoney, Skrill Rapid, Zimpler, Ideal, etc. You can even make deposits using the voucher-based Purplepay method. All payment methods are time-tested, fast, and 100% secure. You can send money to and out of your casino account in one click without worrying that it may get intercepted and end up in the wrong hands.

Play with crypto money

Here’s another vital advantage which is out of reach for brick-and-mortar casino fans. Unlike their traditional rivals, online casinos willingly work with crypto coins. Thanks to their overall flexibility, online casinos are fast to adapt to change and adapt to modern trends and player needs. There’s no shortage of top-tier casinos (e.g. Bitfiring casino) that specialize on gambling with Bitcoins, Litecoins, and other cryptocurrencies. If for you crypto money is terra incognita, we recommend that you inform yourself on this payment method. Crypto payments hold a great deal of advantages, the biggest of which is complete anonymity. An online casino won’t even know where your deposit came from or where your winnings are withdrawn to. For many casino enthusiasts, confidentiality is of paramount importance.

FAQ on Aussie online casinos

- Are online casinos safer than land-based ones?

- Since online and offline casinos are two very different gambling environments, it’s very hard to compare them in terms of safety. However, there’s one thing that we can say for sure: an online casino is a safe place for gambling provided that it’s licensed by a reputable authority. You don’t have to worry about your deposits, winnings, and personal information. For legal gambling operators, protecting their clients’ money and sensitive data is a matter of top priority because it defines their reputation and trustworthiness.

- Can I make a living off online gambling?

- If we’re talking about card games like blackjack or poker, a player can hone their skills to an extent that allows them to be turning a steady income while enjoying their hobby. Actually, professional gamblers are not that uncommon a phenomenon. At the same time, you should abandon all hopes of making consistent money off games like slots, roulette, bingo, and the like. In these games, the outcome is determined by pure chance which means it’s something you can’t control.

- What punters miss the most about land-based gambling?

- Many people pine for the vibes of a traditional casino. Indeed, recreating that particular environment at an online casino is not quite possible. However, the silver lining is that online gambling operators have managed to resolve even this problem! Along with regular online casino games, you can also play live games streamed to your device in real time from a land-based casino or dedicated gambling studio. It can be live dealer baccarat, live roulette, and whatever other game you can think of. This is an amazing solution that brings back the magical ingredient that many punters miss so much!