20 Poker Terms and Phrases Players Should Remember

The world of poker is full of interesting facts and essential aspects. One of these aspects is poker terms and poker slang. They are very important for Aussie players, especially if you are a newcomer in this field. Poker phrases give gamblers the opportunity to feel like a pro or insider. Moreover, enthusiasts of Australian online casinos can understand absolutely everything when they are searching for new strategies or useful tips. Let`s get started on our trip to the universe of poker terms and phrases.

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Poker terms explained ABC as a kind of strategy where players can bet only with strong hands. All hands that are weaker should be folded. Another term that is connected with this poker slang is a book game.

American Airlines

This poker term is about a pair of aces. And this pair is a pocket one. No wonder of this poker phrase! Just imagine the abbreviation of aces! AA is also the abbreviation of the USA Airlines.


It is gamblers` “warehouse” of knowledge and skills. Case in point, a fan of Aus online casinos with a large arsenal can use different methods and tactics in order to become a winner. It means that understanding poker nuances is a key to success at the poker table, no matter whether you play online or offline.

Special of BB

This poker slang describes a situation when the gambler sitting on big blind bears away the pot or makes a strong combination. It happens due to the opportunity to see the flop absolutely for free.


Imagine that you have a card that is without rhyme or reason. This card cannot help to complete possible draws at all. Such a situation is called a brick.

Buttons clicking

This poker term is about an action that does not have any sense. This action is done by the way of doing any activity. Mostly, it describes players without understanding poker rules and strategies. This poker slang came from iGaming poker, but can be at play in real tournaments too.


If two players have very strong hands it is benamed cooler. There is no matter how this player will deal with this strong hand. This situation will end by losing a lot of money of one of the players.


If the enthusiast who visits Aussie online casinos or other gambling clubs has no idea how to gamble this game well this person is known as a donkey.


Cards that can have the potential to make connectors are called gappers. This name came from the word “gap” due to the option to be in the middle to make these connectors. For instance, if you have 8-10, you have one gapper (because 9 is missed here).


The industry of online poker has brought an abbreviation of GL. This poker slang means “Good Luck”. This abbreviation is usually written in chats or forums.

Hit and run

This poker term is explained as a situation when the player decides to “go out” of a game after winning a massive pot. Some gamblers think that this action can protect their bankroll, but it is better not to practice such behaviour a lot.


If you decide to bet all-in, it can be called a jam. This poker slang is about a situation when all player`s “coins” are the pot`s middle.


Players fold or in other words muck. However, this poker term is usually used at a showdown. In this poker stage, your opponent has a hand better than yours, and makes a decision to muck and not show what hand you have.

Rags or napkins

Rags or napkins are a poker term that is connected with appropriate cards. They are absolutely bad and cannot be played. So, in this case, there are very small chances to improve anything. To fold is the best decision here. One of the examples of rags can be a hand of nine and two.


It is a name of a pair of pocket jacks. Admit that their abbreviation looks like rockets for sure.

Mining set

This poker term describes behaviour when visitors of online casinos in Australia or other countries do a call with a small pair to collect a set on the flop.


The term of shark is about a person who totally understands the poker game and does everything possible to gain great results. In most cases, this term refers to professional gamblers.

In addition, this term is used not only in poker, but in other fields too. For instance, when we speak about a very popular singer or actor, we can say a show business shark.


Snowmen (or another name is infinities) characterise a pocket pair of two eights. It is very suitable for this pair. Eights really look like two snowmen!

The action of tanking

This poker term refers to those players who take time before any decision. What is interesting, this poker slang came from the term of the time bank. For example, you can meet such gamblers when you or another player make an impressive bet. Such a person needs some minutes to think about his steps in this situation.