How to Win on Pokies: Tips for Australian Gamblers

How to pick a winning pokie machine is the omnipresent question that every pokie fan keeps asking. To tell you the truth, the best way to win on pokies is to simply enjoy the gambling process without getting obsessed with the money aspect of the game. In this detailed tutorial, we'll teach you many useful things, including how to operate a slot, how to win on pokies, and how to avoid dangerous pitfalls. Ready? Buckle up and let’s go!

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How to win on slot machines

Before you learn the secrets of how to win at pokies, you need to have a basic knowledge of how a winning slot works, how to operate it, and how to pick a winning pokie machine. Despite the fact that pokies are produced by a variety of casino software brands, they all have very similar interfaces. This is done to avoid confusion among gamblers. The uniform interface of winning pokies spares you the stress of getting acquainted with new casino slots that allow you to win real money.

Still, if you're a beginner, there is much to learn. An online slot contains a bunch of components, including buttons, arrows, tabs, and so on. It’s not surprising that casino rookies may get overwhelmed when studying the slot interface for the first time. Let’s put an end to the confusion and break down the main elements of a slot interface!

  • Paylines. Slots have different numbers of paylines. While some games have 25 paylines, other apps feature an impressive 243 win ways. Use the arrow buttons to select the active number of paylines that you’d like to play. Active paylines are those that will take part in the game and display winning combinations. Keep in mind that some slots don’t allow you to change the number of paylines.
  • Bet Per Line. This button allows you to place a bet per payline. Again, you need to use the arrow buttons to set your wager. In most slots, the minimum bet per line starts with 1, 2 or 5 cents. This way, even gamblers with small bankrolls can enjoy and win real money slots.
  • Total Bet. Once you’ve decided how much you want to wager per line, the slot will display your total bet per spin (bet per payline x number of active paylines).
  • Max Bet. By clicking this button, you set the maximum bet per payline for all active paylines. This spares you the routine to set the bet before each spin. However, we don’t recommend using this feature unless you have a really fat gambling budget.
  • Spin. After you’ve selected the number of paylines and set the bet, you can finally hit that magical “Spin” button and win real money at slot machines!
  • Paytable. Each slot comes with a paytable. Basically, it’s a chart that shows how much each winning combination pays. For example, three Cherry icons pay x5 your total bet. This means that a winning combination with 3 Cherry icons has a x5 multiplier. Be sure to examine the paytable before you spin the reels of pokies with big wins.

slot win

How to win on pokies

In this chapter, we’ll reveal 50 secrets for how to win on new pokies. Since slots are casino games No.1 among gamblers worldwide, there is a plethora of Australian pokies tips available to players. When faced with such an abundance of pokies tips and guidelines, novice slot enthusiasts may easily get lost. Luckily, there is to help you! Let’s find out how to win on pokies every time and how to pick a winning pokie machine.

  • If you’re dying to know 50 secrets for how to win on new pokies and how to pick a winning pokie machine, you should focus on best paying online slots with decent RTP percentages. Opt for the games with a 96-98% RTP. An important thing to remember is that RTP shows how much the slot pays back in the long run. In the short run, your winnings may be slightly lower or higher than the indicated RTP value.
  • Be careful with progressive jackpot slots. Progressive slots tend to pay less often than their regular counterparts. So if you don't consider yourself a passionate jackpot hunter, you should steer clear of progressive jackpot slots and pick pokies with juicy payout rates.
  • Pick a slot with a volatility level which is right for you. Pokies online can have high, medium and low volatility. If you prefer small yet frequent payouts, pick low-volatility games. If, however, you're willing to patiently wait through a series of empty spins in order to get a fat reward, you’re sure to love high-volatility titles. Medium-volatility games are somewhere in-between the first two types. This tip will teach you how to win at slots and get the most out of your gambling experience.
  • Here is the last of 50 secrets for how to win on new pokies! If you’re not quite sure whether a certain slot is a worthy game, we recommend that you test it in demo mode first. Spin the reels and see what the game has to offer. If it’s a generous slot with an entertaining plot and massive multipliers, then it’s a great app for real-money play. If you find the game underwhelming (whether in terms of theme or payouts), well, at least you haven’t wasted your hard-earned money on it!

How to win at pokies: DOs

Is there any way to win on pokies? Yes, there is - but on the condition that you follow this checklist of things to do when playing pokies.

  1. Set a stop loss. If you’re wondering how to win on pokies machines, stop loss is the cornerstone of your success. Once your losses hit this limit, you will know that it’s time to quit. Otherwise, you risk losing even more. If you deplete your bankroll so recklessly in one go, you won't have any money left to play.
  2. Set a stop win. Setting a pokie win limit is another effective technique that can show you how to win on slot machines. If you’re landing a winning combo after a winning combo, getting carried away is very easy. This is where the danger lies. When chasing profits, there is always a risk of hitting a losing streak and sending your previous winnings down the drain. Be wise enough to avoid this trap.
  3. Listen to your inner self. When learning how to win at pokies, gamblers tend to ignore their own feelings and emotions. If you’re feeling low or frustrated, it’s better to keep away from gambling sites. Practice shows that nothing good comes out of it. Being postive and optimistic is a secret to how to win on pokies and how to pick a winning pokie machine.

how to win on pokies tips for australian gamblers

How to win on pokies: DON’Ts

Here are three more DON’T tips that will explain you how to win on pokies.

  1. Never recoup your losses. There are some days when things are simply not going your way. If you happen to hit a losing streak, you should better stop playing until it gets worse. Leave the online casino to put a cap on your losses and save whatever is left of your gambling budget.
  2. Don’t use winning systems. Slots are games of chance. The outcome of each spin is determined by pure luck. Winning combos are created by the random number generator that produces random numbers which can’t be predicted. With that said, there is no such thing as a winning system for slots. Savvy players ignore the so-called “experts” who are selling “winning betting strategies” for slots. Those are nothing more than scams designed for naive gamblers. If you’re asking the question how to win on pokies in Australia, the true answer has nothing to do with winning strategies.
  3. Don’t risk the money that you can’t afford to part with. When it comes to online gambling, money management is of paramount importance. Determine how much you can spend on real-money bets in a day, week or month. Choose the time period that suits you best. We recommend setting a daily or weekly budget because a monthly budget is harder to manage and control.

This guide on how to win on a slot machine contains all the essential tricks and tips that you must follow religiously. This applies to both hardcore casino fans that know the ins and outs of gambling pretty well and newbies who are wondering how to play on slot machines and how to pick a winning pokie machine. We hope that our pokie machine tips will make your gambling journey safe and enjoyable!