European Roulette: Play the Best Roulette Variation

European roulette is a must-have game on any decent gambling website that cares about their loyal clients. Gamblers are passionate about roulette for a reason. This game of chance is nothing short of a miracle. It’s super fun, easy to play, and lucrative. Curious to learn more about European roulette? Find out how to play roulette and choose the best-paying bets.

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About European roulette

Today is the best time to be a gambling enthusiast. Vying for players, top-rated casinos offer a plethora of engaging casino games online from the industry’s leading software giants. Whether you’re into vibrant videoslots, smart blackjack, elegant baccarat or electrifying video poker, you’re sure to find a game that fits your taste, personality, and wallet!

european roulette

To those who happen to have a whim for roulette, online casinos offer a stunning selection of roulette games, including European roulette, American roulette, Gold Roulette, Japanese roulette, French roulette, Double Ball roulette, Dragonara, Auto roulette, Speed roulette, and more. Out of the numerous roulette variations, most gamblers remain loyal to the European roulette, and for a good reason. In this article, we’ll be focusing on why casino aficionados love European roulette and how to master this amazing game in under 10 minutes.

The European roulette wheel has a total of 37 slots, including numbers 1 through 36, as well as 0. You’ll have no trouble finding the 0 cell on the wheel. Being the only green slot among red and black pockets, it instantly catches the eye.

How to play European roulette

Playing European roulette at a casino online is a walk in the park. Since there is no dealer, you’ll have to place your bets and spin the European roulette wheel yourself. While some gamblers have nothing against self-service like that, other roulette enthusiasts prefer playing roulette “properly”, at a land-based casino. Well, it’s a matter of taste, after all. In this article, we’ll teach you how to play European roulette at an online casino.

  • Select the size of your bet and choose the type of bet you want to place.
  • Press the “Spin” button. The European roulette wheel will start spinning in one direction, while the ball will be launched in the opposite direction.
  • Once the ball comes to a halt, you’ll see the winning number displayed on the screen.
  • If you bet covers the winning number, you’ll get the respective payout. If not, you’ll lose your bet to the casino.
  • If you want to place the same bet in the next round, click “Rebet”. Alternatively, you can place a different wager for the next spin.

As you can see, European roulette has a very straightforward goal and gameplay. Probably the trickiest thing in European roulette has to do with the types of bets. Roulette is known for its big variety of betting options that can be confusing to some punters. Let’s zoom in on the key types of wagers in European roulette.

Betting options in European roulette

With numerous betting areas, the European roulette table may seem like a mess to some novice gamblers. However, it only takes one closer look at the table layout to clear things up once and for all. To feel comfortable at the European roulette table, you need to know the main types of bets.

  • Straight Up bet. This is probably the most popular bet in roulette, regardless of its variation. When making this wager, you’re betting on a single number. You can bet on any number from 1 to 36, as well as 0. Since predicting the exact slot where the ball will land is really hard, this high-risk bet comes with a tremendous payout of 35 to 1. On the flip side, your winning odds in this case are at a meager 2.7%.
  • Street bet. When placing a Street bet, you’re betting on three numbers in a row. For example, 4, 5 and 6, or 22, 23 and 24. If any of the three numbers wins, you’ll get paid 11 to 1.
  • Split bet. When placing a Split bet, you’re betting on two adjacent numbers. For example, 15 and 18, or 35 and 36. If either of the two numbers wins, your payout will be a whopping 17 to 1.
  • Corner bet. When placing a Corner bet, you’re betting on four adjacent numbers that form a square on the European roulette table. For example, 10, 11, 13 and 14. If any of the four numbers is announced the winner, you’ll receive an 8 to 1 payout.
  • Line bet. When placing a line bet, you’re betting on two rows of numbers (three numbers in each row). For example, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. If you’re lucky, you’ll get paid 5 to 1.
  • Column Bet. When placing a Column bet, you’re betting on a 12-number column. There is a special betting space for this bet at the end of each column that says “2:1”. If your wager wins, you’ll get a 2 to 1 payout.
  • Dozen bet. You’re betting on one of the three groups of 12 adjacent numbers: 1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12. If luck is on your side, you’ll get paid 2 to 1.
  • Red/Black bet. When placing this bet, you’re betting on all the red numbers or all the black numbers. Since your winning odds are pretty high in this case, you’ll only get a 1 to 1 payout (even money). There are the red and black betting areas for this type of wager.
  • High/Low bet. When placing this wager, you’re betting on all low (1 through 18) or high (19 through 36) numbers. This wager generates the same even money payout, 1 to 1.
  • Even/Odd bet. In this case, you’re betting on all odd or even numbers. The payout is the same, 1 to 1.

european roulette table

FAQ on European roulette

- How can I beat the house when playing European roulette at a casino?

- Unfortunately, you can’t do that. Roulette is no blackjack. It’s a game of chance, meaning it’s not responsive to your level of skills or analytical thinking. When playing European roulette at a casino, you can’t flip the house edge in your favor and overcome the casino advantage. In European roulette, the casino advantage stands at 2.7%. This value is considered mid-range. There is French roulette with a lower house edge (1.35%), and there is American roulette with the draconic edge of more than 5%. The only way to get more wins is to place bets with high winning odds, e.g. even-money bets. In this case, you’ll be enjoying small yet frequent payouts.

- European roulette or American roulette? Which one to choose?

-We recommend that you stay away from American roulette with its exorbitant house edge of 5.25%. American roulette owes its huge casino advantage to an additional zero slot. Instead of one 0, there are 0 and 00 on the wheel, meaning your chance of losing your bet is now higher. French roulette is the most player-friendly roulette version in terms of the house edge. However, the problem is that not every online casino has this game on their catalogue. So if you can't find French roulette, be sure to opt for European roulette. You won’t regret it!

- What is the best type of bet in European roulette?

- From the perspective of payouts, Straight Up bet is, hands down, the best bet in European roulette. If you have a really strong intuition and manage to guess right which number will win, you’ll get paid 35 to 1. This means that your bet amount will be multiplied by 35. What a nice way to make a quick buck! However, in terms of winning odds, Straight Up bet is a nightmare. The best types of bets in terms of winning chances are even-money bets (Red/Black, High/Low, Odd/Even). With even-money bets, your winning odds are nearing 50%.

- Can I play European roulette with live dealers?

- Absolutely. Live European roulette is your pass to the amazing world of authentic roulette. If you’re feeling nostalgic about traditional offline gambling, there is a solution! Online casinos are bringing real-life roulette to your doorstep! Play live European roulette with professional dealers, share emotions with other players, and feel the real vibes of a land-based casino! Nowadays, major online casinos offer a decent choice of roulette tables with different dealers, betting limits, and rules. Pick the table and join the game. It’s you everyone is waiting for!