Blackjack Rules: 101 Guide to Basic Strategy

Blackjack rules may seem daunting to some gamblers. However, the notorious complexity of blackjack is just another myth that we’re about to debunk. Thanks to the basic blackjack strategy, winning at this amazing card game is a bliss! This article looks at the best blackjack betting strategy and clever blackjack tips. Read carefully and take notes! Let’s get started!

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About blackjack rules and basic blackjack strategy

A blackjack strategy is a chart (or a series of charts) that tells you when to hit (take cards), stand (take no extra cards), double down your bet, or surrender (give up your bet). It helps you make more effective decisions and minimize your losses. The basic strategy for blackjack is an ideal choice for those who play blackjack online. You can either print out the chart, or keep it open in your browser. Either way, you can take sneak peeks into the table whenever you need to.

Blackjack basic strategy

The best thing about the basic blackjack strategy is that it increases your winning odds while reducing the house edge to a nice 0.5% (on the condition that you’re applying it correctly and your blackjack skills are very good). Without the basic blackjack strategy, you’ll be facing a 2% casino online advantage. Plus, there is nothing illegal about using the optimal blackjack strategy at a blackjack table!

How to use the basic strategy for blackjack

We know, we know! These charts look intimidating, to say the least! On the brighter side, you don’t have to memorize these blackjack rules. For starters, you simply need to get the gist of the main rules. To make things easier for you, we’ve summarized the key casino blackjack rules from the basic blackjack strategy.

  • If your hand totals 11, don’t hesitate to double on it. Why? Because if you get a face card next, your hand will go over 21 and you’ll lose.
  • Got two Aces? Then don’t think twice before splitting them in two hands. This way, you boost your chances of hitting a blackjack on either hand.
  • If you have a pair of 5s or 10s, you must resist the impulse to split them. Splitting these pairs means wasting an opportunity to form a good hand.
  • You must always stand on Soft 20 (i.e. when you have an Ace and a 9).
  • If the dealer’s hand contains a 5 or a 6, you need to double down on Soft 13 through Soft 18
  • Say “no” to insurance.

Smart blackjack tips

Whether you’re a rookies or a pro, you’re sure to find these blackjack rules and tips useful for your performance.

  • While memorizing the blackjack rules charts is not a must, you should try doing that. If you’re a fast visual learner, you’ll have no trouble memorizing the key rules by heart. This way, once you estimate your own hand and that of the dealer, you’ll be able to make a fast decision. On YouTube, you can find dozens of tutorials on how to approach and master the blackjack strategy charts. Also, the blackjack strategy is influenced by how many decks the blackjack variation is using, whether it has the Late Surrender rule, etc.
  • Remember that knowing the basic strategy for blackjack is not quite enough for a win. Keep in mind that different game variations have different blackjack rules, which means you’ll have to tailor the chart to the gameplay.
  • You need to apply the basic strategy throughout the game. There can be no deviations from the original course. Don’t let a few occasional losses bring you down. While losing streaks happen a lot, they don’t affect the outcome of the game. If you’re religiously sticking to the blackjack rules, the basic strategy won’t let you down.

We hope that you’ve built up your knowledge about the blackjack rules and strategy. Remember that blackjack takes a lot of practice and discipline. Don’t give up and keep honing your skills!