Online Dice Games at Australian Casinos: Effective Tips

Online dice is an intrinsic part of the area of Australian online casinos. There is a good great deal of the iGaming products that are famous due to the existence of virtual dice. This game diversity is full of intriguing iGaming products that will attract beginners and professionals. For instance, can you imagine Craps without an online dice roller? Surely no! Essential points are that it is difficult to start these online dice games with no understanding of their peculiarities. Find them in our article.

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Intriguing Craps

The first game that comes to mind when we speak about a virtual dice roller is Craps. It is a game with impressively rich history and deep traditions. One of the leading positions among Aussie gamblers goes to this unique game. No wonder! Craps is not only unbelievable but also easy to understand game in the field of Australian online casinos. What is more pleasant is that almost any number of players can dive into this game at the same time. So, any Aussie gambler can match a pair of dice online to collect a winning combination. Useful tips for Craps with virtual dice are the following:

  • Game with bank of craps and craps with a virtual dice roll are different;
  • Are you the shooter, and you have won? Continue shooting at a dice game;
  • Did you lose? So, other Aussie gambler can double the amount of their bets;
  • Key part of Craps with online dice roller is betting for the opportunity to shoot. It happens between other gamblers.

online dice games

Crapless variant of Craps

Crapless variant of Craps. Sounds strange, isn`t it? But it is a variant of craps with a dice roller online that is available at Aus online casinos. You may wonder but numbers 12, 2 and 3 become as point numbers. Speaking about a number of eleven it is not a wing for immediate. Keep in mind that this dice game has the house edge that is more impressive than in a common Craps. From this case, it is better to play this virtual dice roller game sitting at home with your nearest and dearest.

Impressive Die Rich

One more variant of dice games connecting with Craps is Die Rich. This game has gained its popularity among fans of Australian online casinos. The most significant thing is the availability of 1 six-sided die. What does it mean? Look at the following example. You rolled on 1, so your pass line will lose. In our opinion, it is a great experience to gamble this game with dice online at a dependable online casino in Australia.

Perfect Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a roll dice online iGaming product. The translation of the game name means a bowl of dice. It is connected with three dice that are needed to roll. So, the numbers will range in a diapason from 4 to 17. Speaking about Sic Bo we want to underline all variants of betting. They can be:

  • Large or small. In this aspect you will be a winner if a large bet is totally from eleven to seventeen. A small betting can bring you a victory if online dice will have from 4 to 10 in total;
  • Even or odd. In this case you will lose if virtual dice rolls as 3 of twos;
  • Triple of a specific type. Here you can see odds that are a bit longer than in roulette game;
  • Total of specific type.

It is a fact that it is better to gamble Sic Bo using strategies that come from the first two in our list. So, do not forget about this key for Australian online casinos Sic Bo.

sic bo

Final thoughts about Australian dice games

All these virtual dice games are very easy in gambling and understanding. Try our useful cases playing, for instance, with your friend. And you will definitely get pleasure and impressive results. Do not forget, you should play with a cold head and clear thoughts!