Top-Rated High Roller Casinos

Online gambling is a boundless medium that offers the right kind of entertainment for all groups of punters. For example, recreational players can choose from thousands of Aussie casinos with low deposits and reasonable betting limits. If, on the contrary, you’re a big spender who can afford to place exorbitant stakes, you belong with a high roller casino! In this guide, we’re going to look at what makes a high roller casino a special gambling space and how high stakes gambling is different from regular gambling as we know it.

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Who is a high roller?

Before we dive into the particulars of high stakes gambling, there’s one fundamental question that needs answering. Who is a high roller? What separates them from a common casino enthusiast? What does it take to become a VIP player with a high roller casino? Let’s see the vital characteristics that you need to meet to be considered a high-spending casino client.

top-rated high roller casinos

  • High rollers make fat deposits. VIP players are traditionally associated with a heavy bankroll. To accumulate a large gaming budget, you need to feed generous deposits into your casino account. Also, keep in mind that high roller casinos tend to have higher minimum deposit amounts.
  • High rollers place high stakes. Topping up your account with a big sum of money and spending it in small bets is not characteristic of a high roller. To qualify for a coveted high roller status, you need to boost your spending and make larger-than-usual bets.
  • High rollers gamble on a regular basis. For an Australian high roller casino to spot you, you need to be a frequent visitor on their gambling site. You need to play every day or at least several times a week, with each gaming session lasting several hours. It doesn't matter whether you’re partial to one casino game (say, blackjack) or keep switching between slots, roulette, and Keno. The main thing is that you play with a consistent frequency and spend a lot.
  • High rollers are loyal to an online casino. To join the ranks of VIP players, you need to have a long history playing with this particular casino. So if you’re a new client, you can’t just start splurging on the igaming platform in the hope of getting a VIP club invitation. You need to prove your unwavering dependability by sticking with it throughout a solid period of time. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you the precise “loyalty period” as it varies from casino to casino.

High roller casino: Benefits for players

It won’t be an exaggeration if we say that a high roller casino is a whole different world with its own rules, customs, and principles. Since a high roller casino expects a player to leave a significant amount of money on their site, it’s only logical that it should offer something in return, and this “something” would better not be a trifle. So yes, Australian high roller casinos pamper their clients with a myriad of perks that regular gamblers can only dream of. This is done to create a favorable gambling environment that would urge players to part with their money more willingly. Let’s make a quick overview of all the attractive deals and offers that a high roller casino uses to lure in high-spending punters and win their loyalty.

High roller bonuses and promotions

Of course, high rollers are too important to content themselves with regular bonuses. Instead, they’re offered enhanced bonus deals. High roller bonuses tend to be several times larger than their regular counterparts. Let’s take an example to clear things up. While a regular player gets a 100% welcome bonus up to $US300, a high roller can capitalize on a whopping 300% bonus up to $US5,000. See the difference? Plus, there’s one bonus that was designed specifically for VIP clients. This is a cashback bonus. If your expenditures on the online casino site (this can be your total spendings or spendings on a specific casino game) exceed a certain limit, you get back a part of the amount spent. Since a cashback bonus is expressed in percentage (10-30%), it increases with your spendings.

Tournament tickets

It’s a common practice among Aussie online casinos to hold diverse tournaments and races that cover a big variety of gambling games, from slots to poker. But the thing is that high rollers are eligible for exclusive competitions that common gamblers have no access to. With higher betting limits and juicier cash prizes, high roller tournaments create an ideal opportunity for big bettors to fuel up their competitive spirit and fight for lavish prizes. Needless to say, high rollers aren’t charged any fee for participating in such tournaments.

Higher betting limits

High rollers find placing regular-size stakes too boring and predictable. For them, risking a big sum of money in one go is essential to properly enjoying the game. Knowing that, high roller casinos set higher betting limits for blackjack, poker, roulette, slot machines, and other casino games. In a high-roller casino, every table is a high-limit gambling area where punters can lose or win eye-popping amounts of money in a blink of an eye.

Instant withdrawals & feedback

High spenders enjoy a special treatment when it comes to payouts. While casinos can’t accelerate withdrawals via certain payment methods (especially when it comes to a method as problematic and time-consuming as bank transfer), they do prioritize responding to inquiries from high rollers concerning their withdrawal requests, wagering requirements, promotions, and other terms.

Personal manager

It’s not uncommon for Aussie high roller casinos to provide their most valuable players with personal account managers. Being too involved in high stakes gambling, high rollers often tend to lose track of their total expenditures, losses, profits, and other statistics. In this situation, a player could certainly use a hand from a professional manager who can take charge of their account in a smart way. The manager keeps tabs on account stats and other important information, keeping the high roller updated on their current balance, available bonus deals, etc.

Exclusive access to new releases

The perks of being a high roller don’t end here! In addition to all the marvelous advantages listed above, big spenders also get to play newly released games ahead of regular punters. Every time a new slots or roulette variation from a top-tier software brand hits the market, Australian high rollers are the first to explore it. For a high roller casino, treating its VIP players to world-class igaming content ahead of the crowd is a way of showing appreciation for its high-brow clientele.

FAQ on a high roller casino

- What is the minimum betting limit at a high roller casino?

- There’s no such thing as a one-fits-all minimum betting limit at high roller casinos. The minimum bet usually hovers around 100 dollars but this value can change greatly depending on the particular casino and game.

- Do high rollers have to meet wagering requirements?

- Of course. Like regulars, high rollers have to play through their bonuses. Considering the extra large size of high roller bonuses, their wager amounts are likely to leave a recreational player speechless!

- What are the pros of playing at a high roller casino?

- High roller casinos are premium e-gambling spots for risk-loving punters who play hard. They stand out through their larger-than-life bonuses, advanced games from software giants, meticulous customer service, lightning-fast payouts, and other advantages.