High Roller Casino Bonus

Unless you’re completely new to e-gambling, you must’ve come across the term “high roller” multiple times. Indeed, high rollers, or “whales”, represent a special category of casino players. To put it simply, a high roller is a person that gambles away big sums of money on a regular basis. Australian online casinos keep coming up with new tricks to attract big spenders and keep them among loyal customers. High roller casino bonuses make an organic part of the bonus system of any legal Australian casino.

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What makes high rollers so valuable

There’s more to whales than meets the eye. Let’s dive deeper into the topic and discover why igaming platforms put high-spending players on a pedestal and shower them with all kinds of expensive gifts and high roller bonuses.

high roller casino bonus

  • First of all, high rollers are a major source of profits for a gambling operator. Online casinos view affluent players as walking wallets. A high roller can spend in one gaming session more than a regular gambler does in a month or even a year. Thanks to an edge that the house has over the player, gambling always generates a profit for a casino in the long run. Of course, if a player who placed a high stake happens to land a win, such a win will be really big. However, in the long run, the player’s losses will exceed their winnings anyway so the casino is sure to capitalize the player’s extravagant spending habits. This way, the more a player spends on a gambling site, the more money is flowing into the casino’s pocket.
  • Apart from the undeniably important money issue, there’s also the casino reputation involved. Having high rollers among its customers is prestigious. It boosts the casino’s status and makes it more attractive in the eyes of other punters, both regulars and other whales. The logic behind this is pretty simple. A VIP customer could take their money anywhere and receive a warmest welcome on literally any gambling site, but they chose a particular casino, and there must be a plethora of reasons for that. Other players conclude that the casino must have a reliable license, fair and audited games from the world’s leading software providers, juicy high roller no deposit bonus, higher withdrawal limits, instant payouts, elite customer service, and other benefits that makes an Australian online casino stand out from the crowd.

High roller casino bonuses

Now that you have a better idea of why igaming platforms are courting whales, let’s explore the splendid realm of high roller casino bonuses.

  • Welcome bonuses. When it comes to cash bonuses, welcome gifts play a crucial role in piquing the interest of high spending players. It’s the very first money reward that a customer receives from an igaming platform. That’s why, if an Aussie casino wants to lure in a high roller, it must offer them a really generous welcome bonus deal they won’t be able to say “no” to. Welcome high roller bonuses tend to have not only bigger percentage values but also higher limits. For example, a regular welcome bonus that most of us are eligible for usually amounts to 100%. At the same time, high rollers are treated to 200% and even 300% welcome bonuses. As for the maximum limits, a welcome bonus for recreational players is usually capped with 200-300 US dollars. High roller rewards are capped at US$5,000 - 10,000.
  • Free spins. While big spenders prefer goodies in the form of cash, online casinos also pamper them with free spins. The number of freebies can reach several hundreds. Naturally, this high roller bonus can only be appreciated by punters who are crazy about slot machines. If you prefer, say, table games, then you’re unlikely to make much use of a freebie deal, however generous.
  • Cashback bonus. Big spendings on gambling sites come hand in hand with big losses. When spending ridiculous amounts of money at online casinos, high rollers should be ready to face heavy losses. Imagine that you’re playing European roulette and choose to bet US$2,000 dollars on 26 Red in the hope of landing a huge win. Then imagine that a 2 Black comes out and you lose your stake. And this is just one bet! VIP players make hundreds of such bets, one right after the other. Once the high roller’s losses on a gambling site hit a certain limit, the player starts to qualify for a cashback bonus. Basically, what an Aussie casino does is refund to the player a part of the money they lost. Sometimes, a cashback bonus applies to all games, from pokies, to poker, to scratch cards. At some casinos, a high roller bonus is only valid for a specific category of gambling games, i.e. slots.
  • Birthday bonus. It goes without saying that whales can expect all kinds of extravagant gifts on their birthday. If you’re an important client, you can rest assured that a casino will go an extra mile to impress you with its generosity. Big bettors get lucrative cash rewards, free tickets to exclusive tournaments, extra complementary points to boost their VIP status, and other amazing goodies. Top Australian casinos keep coming up with new birthday bonus ideas to keep high rollers on their toes with excitement.

FAQ on high roller casino bonuses

- Is it true that high roller bonuses come without wagering requirements?

- No, it’s nothing but a myth. In this regard, high rollers are compelled to follow the same rules and fulfill the same obligations as regular players. Most of the time, high roller bonuses have wagering requirements. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t come across a casino that grants wagerless rewards to big bettors. Although providing wager-free bonuses to whales is, hands down, very costly, some igaming platforms choose to do so to impress high spending clients with the most beneficial and rewarding deal in the market.

- How do I get a high roller bonus?

- Most of the time, making a heavy deposit is enough to lay your hands on a fat high roller bonus. Read the casino’s Bonus Terms to find out how much money you need to send to your account in order to qualify for a special bonus.

- As a high roller, can I place bets that are infinitely large?

- Actually, most online casinos set the maximum limit for wagers made by high rollers. Usually, the betting amount is capped at around $500-$1,000 per bet. This is done to avoid a situation when a player has placed an extremely high bet and won an amount so large that the casino doesn’t have enough funds to pay it out. At the same time, you can easily find tables that accept wagers up to $5,000.